Low passage, high purity, performance-tested Preadipocytes are isolated from human skin adipose tissue (subcutaneous) and heart adipose tissue (visceral). Peer-reviewed publications attest to their wide research applications, like adipogenesis, metabolic homeostasis and energy storage. Preadipocytes and Human Marrow Stromal Stem Cells can be differentiated into Adipocytes using Adipocyte Differentiation Medium. Differentiated Adipocytes are also available in cultured format in flasks and multiwells. Pre-Screened Human Preadipocytes have been validated for differentiation into adipocytes and expression of major adipocyte markers such as PPARg, CEBPa, Insulin Receptor, GSK-3 beta, Acetyl-CoA carboxylase alpha, and Adiponectin.
alpha, and Adiponectin

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802H-05A Human Preadipocytes: HPAd, adult heart
802S-05A Human Preadipocytes: HPAd, adult subcutaneous
S802S-05A Human Preadipocytes: HPAd: Pre-Screened for Adipogenesis Signaling, adult subcutaneous