Osteoblasts are critical in the process of bone formation. Primary osteoblasts are isolated from normal and diseased human and animal tissues. Diseased human osteoblasts can be used to study differences between normal and pathological conditions of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. For animal models, rat, canine, and feline osteoblasts are also available.
Used to study signal pathways that regulate normal and pathological bone metabolism, maintenance and remodeling, effects of inflammation, bone remodeling agents, and chemicals associated with physical trauma. Cultured primary osteoblasts have also been used in prospective bone regeneration models utilizing 3-D scaffolds. Our Osteoblasts have been used in over 30 peer-reviewed publications. Low passage, high purity, and performance tested.

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CN406-05 Canine Osteoblasts: CnOb (Cryovial)
F406-05 Feline Osteoblasts: FOb (Cryovial)
406-05A Human Osteoblasts: HOb, adult
406-05F Human Osteoblasts: HOb, fetal
406OA-05A Human Osteoblasts-Osteoarthritis: HOb-OA, adult
406RA-05A Human Osteoblasts-Rheumatoid Arthritis: HOb-RA, adult
R406-05A Rat Osteoblasts: Rob, adult