Insect Cell Culture Media

Insect cells pose their own unique set of challenges when trying to culture cells in the lab.

We are here to help with specially formulated insect cell culture media.

Grace′s Medium is primarily used as a basal medium for cell lines such as Sf9 and Sf21, as well as other lepidopteran lines.
IPL-41 Medium is designed for large scale propagation of Spodoptera frugiperda lines, and is often used to express proteins via the baculovirus expression system (BEVS).
Schneider′s Medium supports rapid growth of both primary and established Drosophila lines, as well as other dipterans.
Serum-free Media formulations are designed to support recombinant protein expression in the Spodoptera frugiperda lines Sf9 and Sf21.
Shields and Sang M3 Medium is formulated to grow both primary and established Drosophila cultures.
TC-100 Medium, when properly supplemented, supports the growth of a wide variety of lepidopteran species.
TNM-FH Medium is a modification of Grace′s medium that was originally designed to grow Trichoplusia cells, but will also support the growth of a variety of lepidopteran species.