For more than five decades, we have partnered with the academic, biotechnical, and pharmaceutical communities to provide innovative and convenient cell culture tools and protocols that set industry standards for quality.  You may know us for Sigma-Aldrich® classical and specialty media, fetal bovine serum, supplements, and reagents—and Millipore® filtration devices, filter plates, media and labware are essentials in laboratories around the world. Our scientific partners and suppliers include the ECACC (European Collection of Authenticated Cell Cultures) cell line repository, as well as Corning® and Eppendorf® labware. Every supply your culture room needs, plus innovations in cellular assays, quantitation, and live or 3D cell culture are available here---with simple ordering, fast shipping, and support from our knowledgeable and dedicated technical scientists. Our Cell Informer eNewsletter compiles research insights, news about new tools, and a calendar of events to help your lab members stay current.

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