Live Cell Imaging Reagents

 Fluorescent Dyes, Probes and Biosensors

Bring your experiments to life with live cell analysis. Analyzing cellular events in real time can lead to new biological discoveries once unachievable using traditional cellular analysis techniques. Historically, techniques such as PCR, flow cytometry and antibody immunocytochemistry staining were limited by analyzing cellular events as a snapshot rather than in real-time. We offer novel fluorescent cell labeling technologies used for cell tracking, fluorescent lentiviral biosensors, traditional fluorescent dyes and probes to analyze cellular events in real-time along with CellASIC® ONIX2 Microfluidic live cell imaging systems.

PKH/CellVue® Cell Labeling Kits: PKH and CellVue® Fluorescent Cell Linker Kits provide fluorescent membrane labeling of live cells over an extended period of time, with no apparent toxic effects. Cited in over 7000 Publications. See References

LentiBrite™ Fluorescent Biosensors: Pre-packaged high-titer fluorescent lentiviral particles encoding GFP/RFP labeled proteins for topics such as autophagy, apoptosis, and cell structure. See Live Cell Videos.

BioTracker Live Cell Fluorescent Dyes and Stains: Cell permeable live cell dyes for applications such as organelle stains, apoptosis detection, cell viability, cell health, hypoxia, reactive oxygen species, calcium indicators, neural and stem cell cultures.

BrightCell™ Photostable Media: Live cell imaging cell culture media and supplements developed to protect cells from light-induced cellular damage. Low autofluorescence and photobleaching dramatically improves the quality of data that can be obtained during fluorescent live cell imaging experiments.