Cell Culture

Media for Cell Lines

We have formed a working partnership with The European Collection of Cell Cultures (ECACC), a world leader and recognized expert in the maintenance, cultivation and distribution of authenticated, validated and mycoplasma free cell lines. Together, we offer the most diverse selection of cell culture products and services available.
ECACC Cell Cultures

By working together we offer a comprehensive range of cell culture and genomic DNA products along with services available to satisfy your research needs.


Cell Name Product # Recommended Media
HeLa 93021013 M2279
Hep G2 85011430 M2279
CACO-2 86010202 M2279
SH-SY5Y 94030304 N4888
or M2279
RAW 264.7 91062702 D6546
293 (also known as HEK 293) 85120602 M2279
MCF7 86012803 M2279
A549 86012804 D6546
C2C12 91031101 D6546
Jurkat E6.1 88042803 R0883
PC-12 88022401 R0883
L929 85011425 D6546
MDCK 84121903 M2279
A2780 93112519 R0883
HT29 91072201 M8403
K562 89121407 R0883
Vero 84113001 D6546
HL60 98070106 R0883
U937 85011440 R0883
MDA-MB-231 92020424 L5520
PC-3 90112714 F6636
or N3520
U-87 MG 89081402 M2279
NIH 3T3 93061524 D6546
CHO-K1 85051005 N4888
MRC-5 PD 19 05072101 M2279
BHK 21 (clone 13) 85011433 G5154
IMR-90 Cell Line human 84101801 M2279
HCT 116 91091005 M8403
LNCaP.FGC 89110211 R0883
PANC-1 87092802 D6546
HL60 98070106 R0883
3T3 L1 86052701 D6546