Primary Cell Culture

Primary cells maintain physiological relevance because they are derived directly from living tissue and thus find increasing use in life science research and pharmaceutical drug. We are pleased to offer primary cells from Cell Applications Inc. (CAI).

CAI has honed the isolation, purification, subculture and growth of over 100 cell types. Every cell line comes with the promise of high purity, low passage, rigorous characterization and strict quality control. Optimized media and reagents provide optimal performance. All this ensures you can use these cells and their supporting products with confidence in your application.

Primary Cells
View our broad collection of over 100 Primary Cells
Primary Human Hepatocytes

Growth Media to ensure the robust proliferation of each cell type

Reagents & Supplements
Attachment, matrix solutions for optimal cell adhesion and freezing media that provides optimal cell survival/recovery after storage
Primary Cell Culture Basics
Learn more about Primary Cells including applications and comparison to continuous cell lines

Frequently Asked Questions
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