Cell Culture

Sera for cell culture


With more than 35 years of experience in the management and production of sera for use in cell culture, we offer many varieties of bovine serum (cow), chicken, caprine (goat), equine (horse), human, ovine (sheep), porcine (pig) and rabbit sera produced and tested for use in cell culture applications. All sera we offer are tested for viral contamination and cell culture performance, and are supported with certifications of origin.

We manage and segregate our adult, newborn and fetal bovine sera (FBS) inventories by country and/or region of origin to meet United States and international regulatory standards and restrictions. We segregate our FBS into USA sourced and non-USA sourced sera, and offer USA-origin horse and goat sera from donor herds. Our non-USA sourced FBS is lot designated and managed as USDA approved or country/region of origin/restricted sales, and we offer lot testing and matching for all FBS products. Our human sera are comprehensively tested to meet public safety requirements.

In addition to complete sera, we also offer several serum replacement products.


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