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Stemline Platform—Media for expansion and maturation of stem cells

Stemline Family of Media

S1694 Stemline T-Cell Expansion Medium

  • Serum-free formulation
  • Excellent expansion of T-Cells of human origin
  • Supports high cell densities that exhibit rigorous and consistent growth kinetics
  • Maintains the proper CD4/CD8 ratio (Flow Cytometric Analysis) as well as functionality, both ex vivo (Chromium Release Assay) and in vivo (Graft vs. Host Induction in NOD/SCID-β2M Mice)

S0192 Stemline II Hematopoietic Stem Cell Expansion Medium

  • Serum-free formulation
  • Enhanced expansion from cord blood CD34+ cells, as well as 4-HC purged CD34+ cells
  • Expanded cells form all of the appropriate hematopoietic lineages in a colony-forming unit
  • Yields long-term engraftment (primary and secondary recipient) in NOD/SCID mice
  • Tested extensively in development in 7-day and 14-day growth assays

S0189 Stemline Hematopoietic Stem Cell Expansion Medium

  • Serum-free basal formulation
  • Superior expansion of CD34+ progenitors
  • Suitable for cells derived from bone marrow, peripheral blood and cord blood
  • Tested extensively in 7-day and 14-day growth assays

S1569 Stemline Mesenchymal Stem Cell Expansion Medium

  • Maximum expansion of mesenchymal stem cells of human origin
  • Supports robust, high-density cell populations
  • Superior expansion and the ability to retain their differentiation potential at 14 days in culture

S3194 Stemline Neural Stem Cell Expansion Medium

  • Animal component-free medium
  • Optimal expansion of Neural Stem Cells in serum-free conditions
  • Supports high viable cell densities
  • Rigorous expansion of human neural stem cells in both neurosphere and monolayer cultures

S0196 Stemline Keratinocyte Medium II

  • Serum-free medium
  • Developed for use with adult and neonatal normal human epidermal keratinocytes (NHEK)
  • Basal medium that performs best when supplemented with either S9945 Stemline Keratinocyte Growth Supplement or K3136, Keratinocyte Medium supplement, BPE-free

(DMF in place or pending for all of the above media)

The use of human stem cells (HSC) isolated from umbilical cord blood, peripheral blood, or bone marrow as a source of cellular reconstitution following high-dose chemotherapy is now a common therapeutic modality for the treatment of malignancy. However, due to the low yield of HSC from typical sources, HSC transfusion has historically been most effective in children with limited applications and marginal success in adults. In recent years the development of media used to expand and mature adult stem cells has greatly increased the number of candidates eligible as well as the success rate of adult stem cell therapy. In order to obtain sufficient numbers of cells for applications of this therapeutic approach in adults, ex vivo expansion has been utilized to ensure successful engraftment and minimize the short-term effects of neutropenia and thrombocytopenia. To this end, Sigma-Aldrich has developed the Stemline® Platform that includes media optimized for the expansion and maturation of various adult stem cell types.

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Cell Expansion and Consistency:

A Foundation for Stem Cell Research

Stemline HSC Expansion Medium exceeds two leading competitors as determined by Total Nucleated Cell (TNC) counts when tested in 24-well tissue culture plates over 14 days. From day 7 to day 14, the TNC count in Stemline was markedly greater.

Cells were seeded in triplicate at 10,000 cells per well in 24-well tissue culture plates containing either Stemline Hematopoietic Stem Cell Expansion Medium or 2 leading competitors. The wells were supplemented with 100 ng/ml each of SCF, G-CSF, and TPO. Each well was triturated and harvested after either a 7-day or 14-day expansion. Total nucleated cells were counted using a CASY-1 cell counter (Schärfe Systems) and averaged for all 3 wells in each condition.

Stemline also performs better than the competition in Teflon® culture bags. Stemline produces higher TNC counts after 14 days. High TNC counts are an important factor in laying the foundation for using these cells in therapeutic applications.

Cells were seeded in Teflon culture bags containing either Stemline Hematopoietic Stem Cell Expansion Medium or 2 leading competitors. The wells were supplemented with 100 ng/ml each of SCF, G-CSF, and TPO. The cells were expanded for 7 days prior to being harvested and seeding a new culture bag for an additional 7 days. Cells were harvested from the second culture bag and total nucleated cells were counted.

Press Release: Sigma-Aldrich Submits Device Master File for Its Stemline® Medium to the Food & Drug Administration (66 Kb PDF)

Feature Article: Serum-Free Expansion of CD34+ Umbilical Cord Blood Using Stemline® Hematopoietic Stem Cell Expansion Medium
(154 Kb PDF)

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