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SyntheChol NS0

SyntheChol™ is Sigma-Aldrich's exclusive synthetic, non-animal cholesterol. SyntheChol NS0 Supplement (Product Code S 5442), when added to our Chemically Defined, Animal Component-Free Hybridoma Medium (Product Code H 4409), promotes excellent cell growth and recombinant protein productivity in NS0 mouse myeloma or other cholesterol-dependent cell lines.

SyntheChol NS0 Supplement Features and Benefits:

  • Animal Component-free
    Allows you to grow cholesterol-dependent NS0 cells without the risk of viruses, TSEs, or other adventitious agents.
  • Chemically Defined
    Contains no hydrolysates or other < components that might interfere with downstream purification. Also ensures product consistency.
  • Used with Hybridoma Medium (Product Code H 4409)
    The resulting formulation promotes outstanding NS0 cell growth and recombinant antibody productivity.


Product # 
Product Name
Package Size
S 5442
SyntheChol NS0 Supplement
Synthetic, non-animal cholesterol
2 ml
10 ml
H 4409
Hybridoma Medium, Chemically Defined
Animal Component-free
1 L
6 x 1 L

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