Zinc Finger Nuclease (ZFN)

Disease Models and Cellular Reporters for Drug Discovery

We have applied two revolutionary technologies to bring you the highest quality engineered cell lines the market has to offer. Using our CompoZr® Zinc Finger Nucleases, exclusively licensed to us by Sangamo, and CRISPR, licensed by the Broad Institute, we’ve created an unparalleled range of genetically modified mammalian cell lines for use in basic research, target validation, drug discovery and drug development. With targeted and heritable gene deletions and integrations or modifications, our isogenic cell lines give you the tools you need to take your research to new heights. While we offer an expansive portfolio, there may be a target of interest which we don’t carry—in that case, we also offer custom, engineered cell line solutions through our Cell Design Studio. Choose your favorite host or iPS cell line and watch our dedicated team of scientists knock-out, modify, or knock-in your target of interest.