Cell Design Studio Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is CDS located, and where will the cell engineering work take place?
    CDS is located within the Sigma-Aldrich Laclede Life Science and High Technology Center at 2909 Laclede Ave. in Saint Louis, Missouri.
  2. How many years of experience does CDS have in genome editing?
    Sigma-Aldrich began offering gene editing services in 2008. Since then, we have successfully modified more than 200 different genes in over 300 cell lines.
  3. What level of expertise is provided by the CDS team?
    CDS employs an experienced, talented team for your custom projects. In fact, half of our team consists of Ph.D.-level scientists, and our scientists have on average nearly 14 years of experience each in molecular and cellular biology, gene editing, and stem cell biology. Please see our CDS Team Expertise page for more details on our experience and publication record.
  4. Can CDS perform multi-allelic modifications?
    Yes. CDS has performed projects targeting three or four alleles in a single line.
  5. Does CDS have experience with hESCs and hiPSCs?
    Yes. CDS has successfully completed numerous hESC and hiPSC projects.
  6. Can CDS differentiate iPS cells after modification?
    Yes. CDS has differentiated iPS cells, and currently offers this as a supplemental service following the primary cell engineering portion of a project.
  7. How many clones and cells does CDS typically deliver?
    CDS typically delivers 3 clones of 2✕106 cells each, but we can deliver different numbers of clones and cells as requested by the customer.
  8. How does CDS verify that my cells have been correctly modified?
    CDS verifies all clones as having the correct modification(s). This is typically done in multiple ways, including sequencing, tagged primer assay, and Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR).