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Oncology Cell Lines

Oncology Cell Lines

We have created a range of human cell lines with targeted and heritable gene deletions and mutations using our ground-breaking CompoZr® ZFN Technology. An individual patient's response to therapy may vary depending on their unique genotype. To better understand the genetics of cancer, we generated genetically defined human cell lines that model the different mutations observed in cancer. These cells will enable you to study genetic mutations in an isogenic setting and allow better avenues for therapeutic research.

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Colon & Lung Cancer Cell Lines Breast Cancer Cell Lines
Product No. DLD1 Cell Line Gene Target(s)   Product No. MCF10A Cell Line Gene Target(s)
CLLS1012-1SET A549 BAX -/-/-/- BAX   CLLS1044-1SET MCF10A GSK3B (-/-) GSK3B
CLLS1015-1SET A549 BAX/BAK (-/-/-/-,-/-) BAX/BAK   CLLS1045-1SET MCF10A HER2 (-/-) HER2
CLLS1014-1SET A549 HIF1A -/-/- HIF1a   CLLS1046-1SET MCF10A PTEN (-/-) PTEN
CLLS1013-1SET A549 SMAD4 -/- SMAD4   CLLS1042-1SET MCF10A CDH1 (-/-) CDH1
CLLS1001-1SET DLD1 BAX -/- BAX   CLLS1048-1SET MCF10A SYK (-/-) SYK
CLLS1002-1SET DLD1 HIF1A -/- HIF1a   CLLS1049-1SET MCF10A TP53 (-/-) TP53
CLLS1003-1SET DLD1 PIK3CA +/- PIK3CA   CLLS1060-1SET MCF10A CDC25B (-/-) CDC25B
CLLS1132-1SET DLD-1 AKT1 -/- AKT1   CLLS1051-1SET MCF10A eEF2K (-/-) eEF2K
CLLS1133-1SET DLD-1 AKT2 -/- AKT2   CLLS1069-1SET MCF10A APC (-/-) APC
CLLS1005-1SET DLD1 BAX/BAK (-/-,-/-) BAX/BAK   CLLS1063-1SET MCF10A AKT2 (-/-) AKT2
CLLS1127-1SET DLD1 TP53 (-/-) TP53   CLLS1075-1SET MCF10A ESR2 (-/-) ESR2
CLLS1096-1SET DLD1 SMAD4 -/- SMAD4   CLLS1064-1SET MCF10A IGF1R (-/-) IGF1R
CLLS1006-1SET SW48 BAX -/- BAX   CLLS1085-1SET MCF10A VEGFR2 (-/-) VEGFR2
CLLS1011-1SET SW48 BAX/BAK (-/-,-/-) BAX/BAK   CLLS1053-1SET MCF10A Rictor (-/-) Rictor
CLLS1007-1SET SW48 TP53 -/- TP53   CLLS1056-1SET MCF10A 4EBP1 (-/-) 4EBP1
CLLS1098-1SET SW48 HIF1A -/-/- HIF1a   CLLS1057-1SET MCF10A AKT1 (-/-) AKT1
CLLS1009-1SET SW48 PTEN -/- PTEN   CLLS1066-1SET MCF10A PARP2 (-/-) PARP2
CLLS1010-1SET SW48 SMAD4 -/- SMAD4   CLLS1041-1SET MCF10A BRCA1 (-/-) BRCA1
CLL1097 A549 EGFR BioSensor EGFR   CLLS1050-1SET MCF10A BRCA2 (-/-) BRCA2
        CLLS1061-1SET MCF10A H2AFX (-/-) H2AFX
        CLLS1077-1SET MCF10A mTOR (-/-) mTOR
        CLLS1065-1SET MCF10A p70s6K (-/-) p70s6K

ECACC Cell Lines

We have partnered with The European Collection of Cell Cultures (ECACC), a world leader in the maintenance, cultivation and distribution of authenticated cell lines. Together, we offer the most diverse selection of cell culture products and services available. ECACC cell lines are offered from a variety of sources and include a large selection of cancer cell lines from a variety of different cancer types.

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