Biological Buffers

BIS-TRIS Propane

BIS-TRIS propane is a zwitterionic buffer with an unusually wide buffering range, from approximately pH 6 to 9.5, because its two pKa values are close in value. BIS-TRIS propane has been used to enhance the stability or activity of restriction enzymes, compared to Tris buffer1.
Useful pH Range 6.3 - 9.5
Working concentration range 10mM-50mM4,5


        Comparison of products by grade or quality level
Name CAS Molecular Formula Mol Wt Reagent Grades Life Science Grades PharmaGrade  Solution
BIS-TRIS propane 64431-96-5 C11H26N2O6 282.33 RDD014 B6755 B4910 B4679 PHG0005  


Interaction Comments

Strong interaction with Ni, Co, Cu, Zn, Cd and Pb3


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