Biological Buffers


Synonym: 3-(N,N-Bis[2-hydroxyethyl]amino)-2-hydroxypropanesulfonic acid, N,N-Bis(2-hydroxyethyl)-3-amino-2-hydroxypropanesulfonic acid

DIPSO is a Zwitterionic buffer useful in the pH range of 7.0-8.21. Research demonstrates that using a single buffer limits the ability to adjust the range of buffering capacity. To increase the range of buffering capacity, studies suggests that it may be advantageous to combine multiple buffers such as HEPES, MOPS and DIPSO. This buffer mixture will expand pH buffering over a range of temperatures and decrease the individual concentrations of buffers used, thus lowering the chance of toxicity2.
Useful pH Range 7.0 - 8.2
Working concentration range 20mM3,5


        Comparison of products by grade or quality level
Name CAS Molecular Formula Mol Wt Reagent Grades Life Science Grades PharmaGrade  Solution
DIPSO 68399-80-4 C7H17NO6S 243.28  




Interaction Comments

Strong interaction with Cu. Slight interaction with Mg, Ca, Mn, Co, Ni, Zn, Cd and Pb4


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