Biological Buffers


Synonym: Diglycine, Glycyl-glycine

Gly-Gly is the simplest of all dipeptides and is used as a starting template for the preparation of more complex peptides1. It is also a substrate for the enzyme glycylglycine dipeptidase2. Valuable agent for experiments investigating peptide transport and absorption.
Useful pH Range 7.5 - 8.9
Working concentration range 120mM3


        Comparison of products by grade or quality level
Name CAS Molecular Formula Mol Wt Reagent Grades Life Science Grades PharmaGrade  Solutions
Gly-Gly 556-50-3 C4H8N2O3 132.12 1.04233 G1002 G3915 50199 50200 G0674  


Interaction Comments

Potential interaction with Zinc and Mercury4


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