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Biological Buffers

MOPS Sodium Salt

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Sigma-Aldrich® MOPS Sodium Salt Physical Properties
Synonyms     3-(N-Morpholino)propanesulfonic acid sodium salt
    4-Morpholinepropanesulfonic acid sodium salt
BIS-TRIS Propane Image
Molecular Formula C7H14NNaO4S CAS Number 71119-22-7 Useful pH range 6.5 - 7.9
Molecular Weight 231.25 MDL Number MFCD00064350 pKa (at 25) 7.2
Sigma-Aldrich MOPS Sodium Salt Specifications Comparison
  M9381 M9024 M5789
Grade ≥99.5% (titration) BioReagent, cell culture tested,
≥99.5% (titration)
BioXtra, ≥99.5% as anhydrous (titration)
Purity ≥99.5% ≥99.5% ≥99.5%
Reagent Testing
  M9381 M9024 M5789
Enhanced Quality
Profile Buffers
260NM     ≤0.1
280NM     ≤0.1
290NM ≤0.05 ≤0.05  
IR X X  
pH     10.0 - 12.0
(20 °C, 1 M in H2O)
Karl Fischer ≤5% ≤5% ≤5%
Insoluble Matter     ≤0.1%
Life Science Testing
  M9381 M9024 M5789
Endotoxin   ≤0.1 eu/mg  
SPC   ≤100 cfu/g  
Cell test   X  
RNAse   X  
DNAse   X  
Nickase   X  
Protease   X  
Trace Elemental Impurities
  M9381 M9024 M5789
Ammonia(NH4)     ≤0.05%
Phosphorus(P)     ≤0.005%
Chloride(Cl)     ≤0.05%
Sulfate(SO4)     ≤0.05%
Aluminum(Al)     ≤0.0005%
Calcium(Ca)     ≤0.001%
Copper(Cu)     ≤0.0005%
Iron(Fe)     ≤0.0005%
Potassium(K)     ≤0.005%
Magnesium(Mg)     ≤0.0005%
Lead(Pb) ≤0.0005% ≤0.0005% ≤0.001%
Zinc(Zn)     ≤0.0005%
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