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Sigma-Aldrich® Water Physical Properties
Empirical Formula (Hill Notation) H2O Beilstein Registry 2050024 pH 5.0-7.0
Molecular Weight 18.02 MDL Number MFCD00011332 Useful pH range 5.0-7.0
CAS Number 7732-18-5 EG/EC Number 231-791-2 Refractive index n20/D 1.34(lit.)
Boiling point 100 °C(lit.) Density 1.000 g/ml at 3.98 °C(lit.) PubChem Substance ID 24901995
Sigma-Aldrich Water Specifications Comparison
  W3513 95284 W1754 W4502 W1503 W3500 95289
Grade Biotechnology Performance Certified BioChemika, for molecular biology, sterile filtered PCR Reagent Molecular Biology Reagent for embryo transfer, sterile-filtered, mouse embryo tested sterile-filtered, cell culture tested BioChemika, for cell biology, free of endotoxins, ultrafiltered and autoclaved
Life Science Testing
  W3513 95284 W1754 W4502 W1503 W3500 95289
290NM ≤ 0.05            
Endotoxin ≤ 1 eu/ml       ≤ 1.0 eu/ml ≤ 1.0 eu/ml X
SPC       ≤ 10 cfu/ml      
Cell test X         X  
Electrophoresis X            
PCR     X        
Embryo         X    
Sterility USP sterile-filtered sterile-filtered 0.1 µm filtered USP sterile-filtered  
RNAse X X X X      
DNAse X X X X      
Nickase X   X X      
Protease   X   X      
Phosphatase   X          
Mycoplasma             X

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