Custom Peptide Synthesis

Synthesis Methodology

Peptide synthesis is carried out by FMOC chemistry under continuous flow conditions using PEG-Polystyrene resins. At the completion of synthesis, peptides are cleaved from the resin and de-protected using TFA/DTT/H2O/Triisopropyl silane (88/5/5/2) cleavage cocktail. Peptides are then precipitated from the cleavage cocktail using cold diethyl ether. The precipitate is then washed three times with the cold ether and then dissolved in a crude buffer containing H2O/ACN/HOAC (75/20/5) prior to lyophilization.

Peptides QC is based on reversed phase chromatography on a Supelco Bio Wide Pore column and by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry. Peptides not meeting the purity criteria are purified by reversed phase chromatography.

All sequences supplied to us are considered the confidential property of the customer. At the completion of the project all synthetic peptide meeting the purity criteria is sent to the customer. All residual materials such as peptide not meeting purity and resin are discarded. Upon request this residual material can be sent to the customer.