Custom Peptide Synthesis

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Sigma Custom Products has developed a proprietary custom peptide synthesis platform utilizing Fmoc chemistry, providing a solution to enhance peptide screening applications. Large numbers of peptides, in 96-well arrays, are delivered quickly and affordably. MALDI-TOF mass spec is performed on 100% of the samples.

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Product Specifications:

  • Low cost per peptide
  • Yield: ~0.5-2mg
  • Length: 2-20 amino acids
  • Comprehensive Modification Offering
  • MALDI-ToF Mass Spectrometry on 100% of peptides
  • Peptides supplied dried and in 96-well tube rack format
  • Dispatch: approximately 7 business days
  • Minimum order size is 24 peptides

Internal Testing of Synthesis Platform:

  • We routinely run tests of this platform to ensure the quality of the product.
  • Average Crude Purity of 10mers: ~86%
  • Average Crude Purity of 15mers: ~73%
  • Average Crude Purity of 20mers: ~61%
  • Purity of ACP peptide at different positions on a 96-well plate: ~92% +/- 2%

Technical Resources:

Application Data Now Available!
The following application data was received from customers using our PEPscreen® Technology: