Custom Oligos

Ordering Information

Customers in the United States contact Sigma directly
Telephone: 1-800-234-5362

Customers in Europe contact Sigma directly
Telephone: +44 (0) 1440 767000

Customers Outside the United States And Europe
Please contact your nearest Sigma International Office or any Sigma-Aldrich Office worldwide

Online Ordering
Sigma products can be conveniently ordered through our web ordering system. In addition to the ease and convenience of our online ordering additional features such as the OligoTrack online order tracking system as well as order and shipping confirmation emails (Not all features available in all countries)

Ordering By Email
Sigma can also be ordered by email, You will need to include the following information when you place your order:

  • Customer number (Existing customers)
  • Your name
  • Your contact telephone number
  • Shipping address
  • Billing address
  • Purchase order number
  • Product information, sequence, purification, quantity, modifications, catalog number of each product ordered

Ordering By Fax
To order Sigma product by fax, please call your local Sigma office

Custom Oligos DNA