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Custom siRNA using your sequences or sequences we have bioinformatically designed for you.

 Product Benefits

  • Complimentary designs with the Rosetta algorithm*
  • Simplified transfection optimization with 11 Positive Control siRNA
  • Distinguish sequence-specific silencing from non–specific effects with 8 negative control siRNA
  • Custom services allow for flexibility in experimental set up

*The proprietary Rosetta siRNA Design Algorithm utilizes Position-Specific Scoring Matrices and knowledge of the seed region to predict the most specific and effective sequences for your target genes. The algorithm’s rules were developed utilizing empirical data collected from gene silencing experiments carried out over three years.

 Product Features

For anything marked as ‘Inquire’ below or If you have needs that are different from the other general specifications presented, please send a request to


Custom siRNA Specifications
Quantities • 2 (10 nmol), 5 (25 nmol), 10 (50 nmol) & 50 (250 nmol) OD
• For larger quantities & in-vivo-grade material, see our Custom iScale Oligos product
Purification • Desalt or HPLC
Sequence Form • 19 to 27mer duplexes
• Biotin, Phosphate, Amino-Modifier (C6, C7), 6-FAM™, Cyanine 3, Cyanine 5, Cyanine 5.5, 2’-  OMe, Phosphorothioate,
  Flipped  Base, 2’-Fluoro, Inverted Abasic & Thiol-Modifier-C6 S-S
Locked Nucleic Acid available in every country outside of the United States
• Inquire for feasibility of Locked Nucleic Acid & other modifications
Quality Control • 100% mass spectrometry**
Format • Supplied dry in tubes or plates
• Pooling*** & aliquoting available (inquire for feasibility)

**Depending on manufacturing site, PAGE may be used to assess siRNA duplexes.

 Product Pools***

A popular pooled format is 4 duplexes at 5 nmol each combined into one tube (20 nmol pooled)) plus the exact same 4 duplexes also at 5 nmol each in separate tubes (another 20 nmol individual). However, our sophisticated liquid handlers allow for a wide range of other possibilities.


If additional help is needed, please consult our technical services group at

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