DNA Methylation Quantification

As part of the effort to provide a fully integrated Epigenetic workflow, we provide reagents and kits for DNA Methylation detection and analysis. Methylation-Specific PCR may be performed using our line of JumpStart polymerases; we also provide reagents for qPCR analysis of modified samples.

Methylation Specific PCR

Hot Start PCR

We provide all the necessary reagents and enzymes required for Hot Start PCR reactions. Our JumpStart antibody effectively prevents non-specific binding while the JumpStart polymerases provide superior amplification

For additional information visit the Hot Start PCR page

qPCR Reagents

Our qPCR product line includes capillary, probe, and SYBR® based qPCR products. All of these systems are compatible with a wide variety of instruments and optimized for superior results.

For additional information visit the Quantitative PCR page

View Post-Reaction Clean-up Kits for purification of your methylation-specific PCR product.

Epigenetics Overview