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Imprint® Methylated DNA Quantification
Sidransky, D, et al., Global DNA hypomethylation is associated with utero exposure to continine and perfluorinated alkyl compunds. Epigentics Aug 14; 5 (6), 1-8 (2010)

Bisulfite DNA modification
Ng, Ho-Keung, et al., EMP3 Overexpression is Associated with Oligodendroglial Tumors Retaining Chromosome Arms 1p and 19q. International Journal of Cancer 120 (4), 947-950 (2006)

 Lo, Y.M. Dennis, et al., Noninvasive Prenatal Detection of Fetal Trisomy 18 by Epigenetic Allelic Ratio Analysis in Maternal Plasma: Theoretical and Empirical Considerations. Clinical Chemistry 52, 2194-2202 (2006).

Ng, Ho-Keung, et al., 4q Loss is Potentially an Important Genetic Event in MM Tumorigenesis: Identification of a Tumor Suppressor Gene Regulated by Promoter Methylation at 4q13.3, Platelet Factor 4. Blood 109(5), 2089-99 (2007)

DNA Methylation Quantification
Thaler, Roman et al. (Aug 2008). Epigenetic regulation of human buccal mucosa mitochondrial superoxide dismutase gene expression by diet. Br J Nutr.

Novikova, Svetlana I. et al. (Apr 2008). Maternal Cocaine Administration in Mice Alters DNA Methylation and Gene Expression in Hippocampal Neurons of Neonatal and Prepubertal Offspring. PLoS ONE 3(4): e1919

Liu, Chi et al. (Feb 2008). Plasma S-adenosylhomocysteine is a better biomarker of atherosclerosis than homocysteine in apolipoprotein E-deficient mice fed high dietary methionine. The Journal of Nutrition 138(2): 311-5.

Imprint ChIP Kit

Matthew J Socha et al. Methylation of Sparc in Ovarian Cancer, Neoplasia. 2009 February; 11(2): 126–135

Janek Henes, et al. Inflammation-associated repression of vasodilator-stimulated phosphoprotein (VASP) reduces alveolar-capillary barrier function during acute lung injury, The FASEB Journal article fj.09-138693. Published online August 18, 2009

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