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What does it mean if I cannot find my target gene in the database?
The collection is currently being cloned. New target genes will be introduced on a quarterly basis until the library is completed. It is possible your target gene is not in the current collection, but may be coming in future releases. Also, it is possible that alternate accession numbers or gene symbols may be used for your gene of interest. Please check NCBI, for up-to-date information. Please contact us at for more information on clones currently in production.

What gene family sets are available?
Currently available in bacterial glycerol stock format
Currently available in lentiviral transduction particle format
Additional sets will be made available over the coming months. If your gene set of interest is not yet available, please inquire for advanced custom preparation at We can assemble custom gene sets at any time.

Why is there always a clone for the 3' UTR region?
The clones that are against the 3' UTR of the target are included so one could rescue the knockdown phenotype with the introduction of a cDNA clone corresponding to the target. Transcripts from an exogenous cDNA clone would not be susceptible to silencing compared to the endogenous copy. Many publications/review committees require such an experiment to verify the observed phenotype. However, while most sets of clones have this added feature, not all of them have a 3' UTR clone.

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