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Production Facility

We are proud to provide innovative solutions for academic research and pharmaceutical drug discovery. Our excellent systems, equipment and personnel provide the high quality tools you require.

The dedicated MISSION® RNAi R&D and manufacturing facilities are housed in the Life Science and High Technology Center in St. Louis, MO, USA. The R&D and manufacturing personnel consist of scientists with a wide array of experience in molecular biology, RNAi, clone handling and bioinformatics.

MISSION® RNAi products are manufactured with state-of-the art robotics and laboratory inventory management systems (LIMS). Every clone is managed from individual 2D barcoded tubes in 1D barcoded racks providing the ultimate reliability in clone handling; therefore, manipulation (storage, handling, manufacturing and QC) of every clone is tracked via the LIMS system.  The manufacturing facilities also utilize 2D and 1D barcode scanners and dedicated personnel and robotic liquid handlers for each product format (glycerol, purified DNA, and viral particles). Viral particle manufacturing robotics are enclosed within biosafety cabinets in BSL2 cell culture laboratories for optimal cell culture environment and viral production.

Life Science and High Technology Center

The Life Science and High Technology Center is known for both state-of-the-art laboratories as well as providing a stimulating environment designed to facilitate interaction among the scientists.

Life Science and High Technology Center

Exterior view of center

Interior View of Atrium

Interior view of atrium

Analytical Laboratories

Analytical laboratories house sequencing services used in QC of MISSION collections

 Barcode Handling of Clones

2D barcodes on 96-tube arrays
Barcode scanner output
2D barcodes on 96-tube arrays Barcode scanner output

 Robotic Liquid Handlers

Robotic Liquid Handlers

View of an enclosed viral production liquid handler

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