RNAi Workflow


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RNAimiRNA mimicsSingle GenesCustom Library Controls miRNA Target Identification MISSION Target ID Library MISSION Lenti GoClone MISSION LightSwitch Luciferase Assay Reagent MISSION siRNA Pools Panels and Libraries Controls N-TER Reagent Media Sera Antibiotics Plasticware ECACC Cell Lines Stem Cell Reagents MISSION esiRNA Single Genes Predesigned Custom Custom Arrayed Panels Custom Arrayed Panels Coding Non-Coding Controls MISSION shRNA Single Genes Panels Largest and Most Validated Library Controls Custom Cloning Inducible shRNA Bacterial Media Carbenicillin DNA Purification Kits Large Scale DNA Prep Large Scale Capabilities High Titer Virus Lentiviral Packaging Mix Cell Culture LentiPlex Custom shRNA Pools Hexadimethrine BromideExpressMag SystemCell CultureStem Cell ReagentsSelection (shRNA/optional)Deconvolution Services for Pooled shRNA Screens RNAi Workflow