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MISSION® Human miRNA Mimics

MISSION miRNA mimics are small, double-stranded RNA molecules, designed to mimic endogenous mature miRNA molecules when transfected into cells. miRNA are known to regulate gene expression in a variety of manners, including translational repression, mRNA cleavage and deadenylation. MISSION miRNA mimics utilize a proprietary design to minimize potential sense strand off-target effects.

  • Human miRNA mimic library based on miRBase ver. 21
  • Optimized and ready for transfection
  • Novel MISSION miRNA mimic design has been functionally tested for knockdown efficiency against natural miRNA targets
  • Unique design significantly reduces possible sense strand off target effects
  • Available as a whole human library and individual miRNA targets
  • Custom miRNA mimics: custom sequences, species, quantities, and modifications

 Available Products

Product No.
Description Availability and Pricing
MI00300 Human miRNA Mimic library, version 21 Check pricing
HMI0001–HMI2785 Individual miRNA Mimics, 5 nmol/mimic Browse products or use search box below
HMC0002HMC0003 miRNA Mimics Negative Controls Check pricing
Human miRNA inhibitors
Mouse miRNA inhibitors
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Custom miRNAs Custom synthesis of miRNAs from other species miRNAs, quantities, and/or modifications Contact us:


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 Functionally Validated

MISSION microRNA mimics significantly reduce known gene target express. HeLa cells were co-transfected with MISSION miRNA mimics and psi-CHECK2 Dual Luciferase Reporter Construct (Promega), containing corresponding miRNA target sequences. Constructs contained full length 3'UTR sequence specific miRNA sequences (100% complementary to the mature miRNA). The MISSION miRNA mimic negative controls are non-human miRNAs, predicted to not target the human genome/transcriptome.

 Reduce Sense Strand Off-Target Effects

MISSION miRNA mimic design was tested to measure possible passenger strand off-target effects. Passenger strands of the miRNA mimic were either designed by traditional siRNA design (siDesign) with (+) or without (-) chemical modification, or by MISSION miRNA Mimic Design with (+) or without (-) chemical modification. Reporter constructs contained targets that were ~95% complementary to the passenger strand sequence. The MISSION miRNA mimcs use a proprietary design and chemical modification to effectively reduce off-target effects.

Selected citations for miRNA mimics

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