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Predesigned miRNA Mimics

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MISSION® predesigned miRNA (microRNA) Mimics mimic endogenous, mature miRNA when transfected into cells. Most miRNA are known to knockdown gene expression in a variety of manners, including by translational repression, mRNA degradation, and endonucleolytic cleavage.


 Product Benefits

  • Functionally tested for knockdown efficiency against natural targets
  • Unique design significantly reduces possible sense strand off-target effects
  • Distinguish sequence-specific silencing from non–specific effects with 2 negative control miRNA

 Product Features

  • Purification: Desalt
  • Sequence Form: 21mer duplexes with 1 mismatch and overhangs
  • Modifications: 5' amine on sense strand
  • Quality Control: 100% mass spectrometry

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miRNA Mimic Product Options & Specifications
Individual miRNA Mimic • Definition: Individual, predesigned
  miRNA for various targets
• Species: Human
• Quantities: 1 (5 nmol) OD
• Format: Dry in tubes
hsa-000-000 to hsa-mir-219

hsa-mir-220 to hsa-miR-545

hsa-miR-546 to hsa-miR-1200

hsa-miR-1201 to hsa-miR-3200

hsa-miR-3201 to hsa-miR-4520

hsa-miR-4521 to hsa-miR-4800

hsa-miR-4801 to hsa-miR-6800

hsa-miR-6801 to hsa-miR-8089

miRNA Mimic Library


• Definition: Predesigned miRNA for all
  targets in current version of miRBase
• Species: Human
• Quantities: 0.25 nmol
• Format: Dry in 96-well plates
  (inquire for 384-well)


 Control miRNA

Two negative controls are available to distinguish sequence-specific silencing from non-specific effects:

 Validation Data

Our predesigned miRNA Mimics significantly reduce known gene target expression (Figure 1).

Figure 1. HeLa cells were co-transfected with predesigned miRNA Mimics and psi-CHECK2 Dual Luciferase Reporter Construct (Promega), containing corresponding miRNA target sequences. Constructs contained full-length 3'UTR sequence-specific miRNA sequences (100% complementary to the mature miRNA).

In addition, possible sense strand off-target effects are minimal (Figure 2).

Figure 2. Passenger strands of miRNA mimic for miR-206 was either designed by traditional siRNA design (siDesign) with (+) or without (-) chemical modification, or by our miRNA Mimic Design software with (+) or without (-) chemical modification. Reporter constructs contained targets that were ~95% complementary to the passenger strand sequence. Our proprietary design and chemical modification effectively reduces off-target effects.


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