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Introduction to Non-Coding RNA

Eukaryotic genomes contain both protein-coding and non-coding regions. Transcriptome analyses reveal that up to 90% of the human genome is transcribed into non-coding RNA. Non-coding RNA is further subdivided according to its size into small ncRNAs (<200nt) and long ncRNAs. The lncRNAs are associated with different molecular and cellular functions and have been associated with cancer, development and diseases. However, the cellular function for most of these newly identified lncRNAs have yet to be elucidated. Also, lncRNAs may play an important part in gene regulation through different mechanisms, including chromatin modification, transcription, post-transcription, interaction with RNA-binding proteins, co-activation of transcription factors and repression of promoters.

Product Offering

  Individual esiRNA
esiFLEX esiRNA Libraries esiOPEN esiSEC
Quantities available 20 µg (~2 nmol)
50 µg (~5 nmol)
1 ug (~0.1 nmol)
2.5 ug (~0.25 nmol)
5.0 ug (~0.5 nmol)
1 ug (~0.1 nmol)
2.5 ug (~0.25 nmol)
5.0 ug (~0.5 nmol)
20 µg (~2 nmol)
50 µg (~5 nmol)
20 µg (~2 nmol)
50 µg (~5 nmol)
Target species Mouse
All species Mouse
# of esiRNAs
Mouse 643
Human 1,761
Custom gene selection from offering Mouse 643
Human 1,761
Custom Mouse 643
Human 1,761
Concentration 200 ng/µl 50 ng/µl 50 ng/µl 200 ng/µl 200 ng/µl
Packaging 2 ml tubes 96/384-well plates 96/384-well plates 2 ml tubes 2 ml tubes
Feature Online ordering Custom-array (choose gene location in plate) Pre-array or custom array Custom sequence (DEQOR optimization) Secondary indep. silencing trigger for validation of
primary esiRNA

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Fluorescence in situ hybridization data for long non-coding RNA


Figure 1
: Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) with a probe against mouse lncRNA. Mouse cells transfected with esiRNA targeting a negative control (top panels) or against a mouse lncRNA (bottom panels). Panels on the right show DNA stained with DAPI (red). AU represents arbitrary units.
  RNA FISH using probes against human lncRNA

Figure 2: RNA FISH using a probe against human lncRNA. HeLa cells were transfected with esiRNAs against a control (top panels) or against a human lncRNA (bottom panels). The panels on the left show DNA stained with DAPI (in red). AU represents arbitrary units.



Quality Control:

  • esiRNAs are designed using the DEQOR design algorithm to increase the silencing of lncRNAs
  • PCR product of transcriptome library is tested via gel electrophoresis and identity confirmed by DNA sequencing
  • Purified RNase III digested product (esiRNA) validated via gel electrophoresis
  • esiRNA concentration determined by measuring OD260 or fluorescence intensity


  • RNase III digested products are purified via column purification using anion-exchange chromatography, isopropanol precipitation and an ethanol wash

Standard Format

  • All esiRNA are delivered in solution (resuspended in nuclease-free TE buffer) and normalized to the appropriate concentration supplied in the product offering table.

Shipping, Storage, and Stability

  • Shipped in solution on dry ice
  • esiRNA stored at –20 °C have demonstrated to be stable for 2 years. No decrease in stability after 12 freeze/thaw cycles

Certificate of Analysis/Technical Data Sheet
esiRNA will be delivered with an esiRNA Technical Data Sheet, which includes:

  • Plate number and position
  • esiRNA ID number
  • Organism
  • Amount (µg)
  • Concentration (ng/µL)
  • Lot number
  • Target sequence
    • Additional data provided for purified RNase III digested product (esiRNA) upon request.
    • esiRNA libraries will be delivered with a CD containing complete plating information

Ordering Information

Individual lnc esiRNA

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Chakraborty, D. et al. Combined RNAi and localization for functionally dissecting long noncoding RNAs. Nat Methods 9(4), 360-2 (2012). Abstract


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