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MISSION® siRNA Nano Scale and MISSION esiFlex

Introducing two convenient small scale siRNA screening options.

Sigma® now offers MISSION Nano Scale and MISSION esiFlex esiRNAs, providing two convenient, cost-effective, small scale siRNA screening options. You can now order predesigned MISSION siRNAs targeting kinase genes at the 0.25 nmol scale (siRNA Nano) and endoribonuclease prepared siRNAs at the 0.25 and 0.1 nmol scales (esiFlex).

siRNA Nano Scale


Scientists in Lab Our MISSION siRNA Nano Scale targets are manufactured using an siRNA Design Algorithm that significantly reduces off-target effects and ensures effective target gene knockdown.
  • >2400 siRNA targeting kinases at 0.25 nmole scale
  • Guaranteed ≥75% knockdown on 2 out of 3 sequences per gene
  • Efficient knockdown of low abundance messages
  • Available as a human kinase panel or as individual siRNA targets
  • Quick delivery: 3-5 business days

Ordering Information

Easily find your MISSION siRNA Nano Scale target by inserting your kinase gene into the search box below.

siRNA Human Kinase Nano Scale products sorted alphabetically by gene name.



MISSION esiFlex, the latest addition to the MISSION esiRNA product line, are esiRNAs provided at the 0.1 nmol and 0.25 nmol scale instead of the standard 2 nmol and 5 nmol scale. esiRNAs are small scale and fully customizable endoribonuclease-prepared siRNA pools.  This heterogeneous mixture of siRNAs target the same mRNA sequence providing highly specific and effective gene silencing with lower off-target effects than single or pooled siRNAs.
  • Customized plating options at 0.1 nmol or 0.25 nmol, arrayed in 96-well plates
  • >16,000 human and >8,600 mouse targets
  • Lower off-target effects than single or pooled siRNAs
  • Guaranteed ≥70% knockdown
  • Lowest cost genome scale RNAi screening tool available 

Ordering Information

esiRNA products by source and alphabetically by gene name.

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