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New! MISSION siRNA Transfection Reagent Provides transient transfection of siRNA, esiRNA, miRNA mimics and Synthetic miRNA inhibitors. Up to 90% silencing efficiency is achieved with RNA concentrations as low a 1nmol. The siRNA Transfection Reagent is provided as a sterile solution, and is compatible with serum and antibiotics.

New! MISSION® Synthetic miRNA inhibitors
Small, double-stranded RNA molecules designed to inhibit a specific mature miRNA. Each miRNA inhibitor was designed using the mature miRNA sequence information from miRBase and are 2’-O-methylated RNA duplexes, containing two miRNA binding sites. Optimal miRNA inhibition is provided after transfection due to the robust secondary structure of the inhibitor which is based upon the RNA tough decoy (TuD) molecule. Synthetic miRNA inhibitors are available for human, mouse or any custom species.

New! esiRNA targeting Long Non-coding RNA
esiRNA targeting long non-coding transcripts including 643 esiRNAs from the mouse genome and 1,245 esiRNAs from the human genome. All the advantages of esiRNA in silencing protein-coding transcripts also apply to long non-coding RNA.

New! MISSION siRNA Pools
siRNA pools are available for predesigned or custom siRNA sequences (including modifications). Each pool provides 4 duplexes at 5 nmol per duplex.

Note: Pools are available in North America only at this time.

New! MISSION Target ID Library
The Target ID Library enables bench-top transcriptome-wide human miRNA and ncRNA gene target identification. It has an innovative dual selection system, which makes rapid whole transcriptome miRNA and ncRNA gene target screens accessible to any researcher with minimal reagent, time, or capital equipment expense.

New! Cells and Cell Lines.
Sigma® Life Science has applied the revolutionary CompoZr® Zinc Finger Nuclease technology to create an unparalleled range of genetically modified mammalian cell lines for use in areas such as basic research, target validation, drug discovery and drug development. With targeted and heritable gene deletions, integrations or modifications our isogenic cell lines give you the tools to take your research to new heights.

New! CompoZr Targeted Integration Kit Puromycin selectable vector
The pZDonor-AAVS1 Puromycin vector is designed to enable antibiotic selection of colonies with targeted integration events and, therefore, decrease the number of clones that need to be screened in order to identify a clone of interest.

New! Sigma miRNA mimics
The ready-to-use MISSION miRNA mimics are small, double-stranded RNA molecules designed to mimic endogenous mature miRNA molecules when introduced into cells. miRNA are known to regulate gene expression in a variety of manners, including translational repression, mRNA cleavage and deadenylation. MISSION miRNA Mimics, a new member of MISSION RNAi product family, provides miRNA researchers with a range of options from individual miRNA mimics (5 nmol/mimic) to a full library of human miRNA mimics (1,902 mimics at 0.25 nmol each) that are based on the latest version from the Sanger Institute (miRBase).

MISSION esiRNA provides RNAi researchers with a proven, cost-effective, and simple way to perform RNAi screens. MISSION esiRNA are available for the genome-scale human libraries, custom libraries, and human and mouse individual genes.

New! CompoZr Targeted Integration Kit – AAVS1
The CompoZr Targeted Integration Kit – AAVS1 is designed to rapidly integrate a user-specified gene of interest (GOI) into the preferred site of integration of the adeno-associated virus (AAVS1) on human chromosome 19. The Zinc Finger Nuclease (ZFN) in this kit targets the AAVS1 site with high specificity, creating a double strand break. The cell then uses the pZDonor plasmid, with homology arms to the AAVS1 genomic region, in homology-directed repair to replace the natural AAVS1 locus. The pZDonor plasmid can be engineered to contain your GOI and will direct targeted integration of your GOI into the AAVS1 locus.

New! 3D Cell Culture Media
Sigma now offers 3D cell culture systems that create three-dimensional environments allowing cells to better mimic their in vivo counterparts.

New! MISSION LentiPlex® Pooled shRNA Libraries – Enable Rapid, Convenient Genome-wide shRNA Screens at your bench-top
The LentiPlex pooled system provides enhanced delivery and long-term gene silencing in non-dividing and primary cell lines allowing unlimited discovery potential.

New! MISSION In Vivo Quality and iScale Oligos™ siRNA – Take the next step in your RNAi research
MISSION in vivo-Quality siRNA are a superior quality siRNA suitable for RNAi research in animals, including target validation and pre-clinical siRNA testing. iScale Oligos siRNA synthesis allows for intermediate scales and a variety of available modifications. MISSION in vivo-Quality siRNA are appropriate for direct delivery or as an essential component of your formulation strategy.

New! CompoZr Zinc Finger Nuclease Technology
Introducing CompoZr ZFN technology from Sigma Life Science, a breakthrough that enables, for the first time, simple, efficient genomic editing. The power to insert, delete and modify targeted genes in a single transfection experiment. A proven technology with unimaginable potential.

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