Functional Genomics & RNAi

Order shRNA Online in 5 Easy Steps

Follow the 5 easy steps below to order individual shRNAs online.


1 Login to the Sigma-Aldrich website.
  Login or sign up (if you haven't already registered). This allows you to access validation data (percentage knockdown, cell line tested, method of detection, and where the validation was completed) for validated shRNAs and see institution specific pricing of shRNA.

2 Search your gene.
  Type in your gene of interest into the box below.



3 Select shRNA.
  When you’ve found your gene, click on shRNA from the product list.

Select shRNA

4 Select from the list of products displayed according to the species and format for which you are looking.
  Select shRNA List of Products

5 Select the specific clones and add to cart.
  Select the clones you want and click “Add Selected to Cart”. (Not seeing pricing for your institution? Contact us at

Specific Clone

Now you can continue shopping and look for more products or go to your cart and check out.

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