High Throughput Screening



Download the full poster in PDF format, A MISSION shRNA Screen to Identify Genes that Modulate Cellular Response to Paclitaxel (492 KB PDF).

Download the peer reviewed publication based upon these data, A screen of shRNAs targeting tumor suppressor genes to identify factors involved in A549 paclitaxel sensitivity.

Fig. A. Screening Tumor Suppressor Knockdown Cells for Paclitaxel Sensitivity. The MISSION™ TRC Human Tumor Suppressor Gene Family Set (Product No. SH0531) was used to screen for genes that could enhance cell sensitivity to the widely used cancer therapy drug, Paclitaxel. Lentiviral particles were used to transduce A549 cells in 96-well plates and knockdown the corresponding tumor suppressor gene expression. Cells were split into two samples. One sample set was treated with Paclitaxel and the second set received medium only. Results were normalized to pLKO.1-puro empty vector control virus (Product No. SHC001V). Outliers were observed that either conferred more resistance or sensitivity to Paclitaxel treatment.

Fig B. Knockdown Levels of Tumor Suppressor Clones Identified to Have Increased Cell Death in the Presence of Paclitaxel. Multiple clones for four genes conferred increased cell sensitivity to drug treatment. These genes have the potential to be prognostic markers in chemotherapeutic responses.

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