Interferon Response

Expression of Interferon Response Genes

Test Interferon Induction by Selected Hits from Primary Screen

The expression levels of several interferon response genes (IFNB1, OAS1, and OAS2) were quantified following transduction of HT29 cells with shRNA-expressing lentivirus. Levels of interferon response gene expression were scaled to an uninfected HT29 control sample (expression=1). Induction of interferon response genes is clearly observed in the positive control sample (primary dendritic cells infected with influenza virus), but is not seen following transduction with shRNA-lentivirus. HT29 cells were transduced in 60 mm plates with 0.25 ml or 1 ml lentivirus containing shRNA expression constructs that showed high MI in the screen, or with a control shRNA lentivirus (shCntrl).

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