LentiElite™ Whole-Genome shRNA Libraries

Introducing the Mission® Whole Genome Arrayed shRNA and CRISPR libraries available in glycerol and lentiviral formats

The intersection between RNAi screening and CRISPR-Cas9-mediated genome editing technology has opened up new opportunities for assay development, screening and validation. Gain critical insights into the mechanisms underlying human disease using these complementary technologies for whole genome arrayed screening.

As knockdown and knockout may yield different or modulated phenotypes, the use of both shRNA and CRISPR technologies provides a more complete research story. As the experts in lentiviral manufacturing, we are proud to offer these exclusive libraries which allow you to uncover new genes or gene networks involved in a wide variety of biological processes to accelerate the drug discovery process.

Here is what the LentiElite™ (shRNA) Whole Genome Arrayed Library and CRISPR Bundle Packages offer:

Our Life Science portfolio and The RNAi Consortium (TRC) provide the human MISSION® shRNA Library, developed at the Broad Institute, a joint venture between MIT and Harvard. The Complete Human (and mouse) MISSION® shRNA Library (TRC 1, 1.5, and 2.0) is exclusive to our Life Science portfolio and contains almost 130,000 human shRNA clones and more than 43,000 validated clones. It combines all of the highly trusted TRC1 content plus an additional 49,000 clones targeting 4,000 new human genes. The MISSION® shRNA Library (also available in mouse) is the most comprehensive and thoroughly validated shRNA collection available.

When working with non-transfectable or non-dividing cells, lentiviral shRNA or CRISPR libraries will provide you with efficient, long-term knockdown (shRNA) or knockout (CRISPR) using a robust and quality system. Screen over 20,000 human genes using the LentiElite™ shRNA library, or 16,000 human genes using the CRISPR Sanger library. Whether you need lentivirus or glycerol, we have 4 package options to choose from.

We have also partnered with the Sanger Institute (Cambridge, UK) to develop the whole genome arrayed human complete CRISPR library. We are the sole distributor and provider of the CRISPR Sanger library, consisting of 38,000 clones (gRNA only) and spanning 16,000 genes. The viral vector (gRNA only) consists of a two part system, U6-gRNA/PGK-puro-2A-BFP.


Library shRNA Glycerol Whole Genome Library shRNA Lentivirus
(LentiElite™) Whole
Genome Library
Glycerol Whole
Genome Library
Lentivirus Whole
Genome Library
Specifications 50 µL aliquots of bacterial glycerol stocks, -1500 x 96 well plates 20 µL aliquot per lentiviral shRNA clone, -400 x 384 well plates, 106 titer 50 µL aliquot of bacterial glycerol stocks, -400 x 96 well plates Please inquire
Coverage 20,000+ human genes, 125,000+ shRNA Clones 20,000+ human genes, 125,000+ shRNA Clones -16,000 genes, 38,000 clones, 2 high stringency gRNAs against each protein-coding gene in human (or mouse) genome -16,000 genes, 38,000 clones, 2 high stringency gRNAs against each protein-coding gene in human (or mouse) genome
Vector pLKO Vector U6-shRNA- hPGK-Puro) pLKOVector (U6-shRNA- hPGK-Puro) U6-gRNA/PGK-puro-2A-BFP (gRNAonly) U6-gRNA/PGK-puro-2A-BFP (gRNAonly)


 Choose Your Package


Package Product Bundle Price ($)
Elite LentiElite™ shRNA Virus Library Order
Standard LentiElite™ shRNA Virus Library + Glycerol Copy Library Please Inquire
Plus LentiElite™ shRNA Virus Library + Sanger CRISPR Glycerol Library Please Inquire
Ultimate LentiElite™ shRNA Virus Library + Sanger CRISPR Virus Library Please Inquire


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