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Screening often lies at the beginning of most discovery research. The network of possible molecular interactions leading to the causal phenotype within a given system, pathway or disease is astounding. To better understand this complexity, researchers are moving toward large screening projects to identify candidate genes involved in their biological question of interest. Discovering these novel biological interactions leads to a host of characterization and validation studies, requiring further evaluation. Given the significant amount of follow-up research after a screen, it is essential to begin with the most trusted and comprehensive screening tools available.

LentiPlex™: Pooled Whole Genome LibrariesLentiExpress™: Rapid Arrayed Kinome ScreenPre-Designed Panels and SetsCustom-Designed Panels and SetsIndividual Clones

Screening Solutions

We are committed to providing you powerful and unique screening formats that fully leverage the discovery potential of the trusted and proven TRC shRNA collection. When you partner with us, you gain access to our world-class lentiviral production expertise and the formats you require for systematic or pooled RNAi screening on any scale. From whole genome lentiviral shRNA libraries to individual clones, we offer the complete spectrum of shRNA tools to get you started screening today!


  Content Format
Arrayed – Single shRNA per well
Pooled – Multiple shRNAs per well
Screen Duration
+++ = Longer
++ = Moderate
+ = Quick
Knockdown Analysis 
+++ = Advanced
++ = Intermediate
+ = Novice
LentiPlex Whole Genome, human or mouse Pooled + +++*
LentiExpress Kinome, Human Arrayed + +
Pre-Designed Panels Focused Gene Collections, 
human or mouse
Arrayed ++ +
Your Gene List, any species Arrayed or Pooled + to +++ + to +++
*Note: Identification of shRNA hits/leads within a pooled shRNA screen requires deconvolution using colony cloning, high-throughput sequencing, or FACS analyses.

Pooled Whole Genome Libraries – MISSION LentiPlex Lentiviral shRNA Pools enable genome-wide RNAi screens at your bench-top with minimal reagent, time or capital equipment investment. The convenient format combines ~80,000 (over 20,000 validated) clones into 10 individual tubes for each species.

  • Extensive Coverage – Average of 5 clones targeting each gene
  • Quality – Proprietary methodology ensures uniformity and complete TRC1 library coverage
  • Universal – Simplified whole genome RNAi screening in standard or difficult-to-expand cell lines
  • Cost Effective – Bench top discovery without robotics, liquid handling system or dedicated freezers

Custom shRNA Pools
Focus on the genes essential to your research by creating your own custom shRNA pool.

  • Rapid, convenient shRNA screens
  • Pools can be arranged for maximum return of relevant hits
  • Customize your volume and aliquoting needs to further enhance your ability to rapidly screen multiple cell lines
  • Titers and volumes adequate for in vitro, in vivo and xenograft applications
  • When partnered with next-generation sequencing for data deconvolution, smaller pools focus screening efforts on maximum data return

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Deconvolution of shRNA Pools
Our deconvolution service lets you easily identify the genes that impact your pooled shRNA screen.

  • Next-generation sequencing of clones gives a precise number of individual clone occurrence within a pooled shRNA sample
  • Comprehensive, reproducible results from pooled shRNA screens
  • Statistically robust and information-rich data

Pre-Designed Panels & Sets
Our Pre-Designed Panels and Sets are complete collections of genes related to specific functional classes. The format is designed for target discovery and pathway analysis.

  • Focused – Specifically tailored to your research questions
  • Comprehensive – Thorough bioinformatic investigation across multiple gene databases to generate these lists
  • Rapid – Don’t waste time screening through unwanted genes. Dive straight in!

Custom Capabilities
Our experience extends beyond the TRC collection because we contract manufacture numerous private collections and alternate libraries from high-throughput projects to large volumes. A number of customizable options (including high-throughput projects, custom cloning and large-scale/high titer lentivirus) are already available to you, and we will continue to consider your requests to bring you more flexibility.

Individual Clones
Find Individual Clones. Our comprehensive shRNA product offering consists of over 315,000 pre-cloned shRNA constructs targeting more than 22,000 human and 20,000+ mouse genes.

  • More than 125,000 New Clones Available
  • More than 4,100 New Genes Targeted
  • More than 30,000 Clones Validated!


Selected Publications

Firestein, R et al. CDK8 is a colorectal cancer oncogene that regulates beta-catenin activity. Nature, 455: 547-51 (2008).

Ebert, BL et al. Identification of RPS14 as a 5q-syndrome gene by RNA interference screen. Nature, 451: 335-9 (2008).

Oberdoerffer, S et al. Regulation of CD45 alternative splicing by heterogeneous ribonucleoprotein, hnRNPLL. Science, 321: 686-91 (2008).

Duan, Z, et al. Lentiviral short hairpin RNA screen of genes associated with multidrug resistance identifies PRP-4 as a new regulator of chemoresistance in human ovarian cancer. Mol Cancer Ther., 7: 2377-85 (2008).

Ji, D, et al. A screen of shRNAs targeting tumor suppressor genes to identify factors involved in A549 paclitaxel sensitivity. Oncol. Rep., 18: 1499-505 (2007).

Moffat J, et al., A Lentiviral RNAi Library for Human and Mouse Genes Applied to an Arrayed Viral High-Content Screen. Cell, 124: 1283-1298 (2006).

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