shRNA Gene Families Sets

The MISSION® shRNA Library gene family sets are collections of genes related to specific cellular/molecular pathways documented in NCBI, Gene Ontology (GO), Protein Lounge, and Ingenuity Systems. Our Bioinformatics team has methodically mapped all TRC shRNA clones to each set. Gene family sets are fully customizable allowing for complete flexibility to add or delete clone or gene content. Additionally, any panel can be arrayed in either 96- or 384-well plate formats. All of the gene family sets can be used at the benchtop for focused target discovery and pathway analysis.


 Formats Available

Format Material Provided Quality Control
Bacterial Glycerol Stock 50 µl aliquot of bacterial glycerol stocks (terrific broth, carbenicillin at 100 µg/ml and 15% glycerol) Sequencing Verification
Purified Plasmid DNA A minimum of 1 µg of purified plasmid DNA is provided and is aliquoted at 40 µl per well Sequencing Verification
DNA Quantitation
(representational, plate titer)
4 x 50 µl aliquots of VSV-G pseudotyped lentivirus, 10% representational plate titer Sequencing Verification
p24 ELISA Titer
(full, individual well titer)
4 x 50 µl aliquots of VSV-G pseudotyped lentivirus, fully titered to individual wells Sequencing Verification
p24 ELISA Titer


Mission shRNA Gene Family Sets

Gene Family Set Species Product Numbers Product Information
Glycerol Plasmid DNA Lentivirus Rep. Titer Lentivirus Full Titer Gene Count Clone Count Avg Number Clone/Gene
Apoptosis Pathway Human SH1911 SH1921 SH1931 inquire 441 3520 8.0
B-Cell Activation Human SH2911 SH2921 SH2931 inquire 99 661 6.7
Cell Adhesion Genes Human SH2211 SH2221 SH2231 inquire 366 2396 6.5
Cytokine and Chemokine Human SH0811 SH0821 SH0831 inquire 106 528 5.0
Cytokine and Chemokine Receptors Human SH1311 SH1321 SH1331 inquire 93 584 6.3
Cytoskeleton Genes Human SH2311 SH2321 SH2331 inquire 273 1991 7.3
Epigenetic Regulators Human SH3011 SH3021 SH3031 inquire 11 57 5.2
DNA Repair Pathway Human SH1811 SH1821 SH1831 inquire 117 837 7.2
Ubiquitin Hydrolases (DUBS) Human SH0711 SH0721 SH0731 inquire 124 818 6.6
Extracellular Matrix Genes Human SH2511 SH2521 SH2531 inquire 330 1968 6.0
G-Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCRs) Human SH0211 SH0221 SH0231 inquire 542 2864 5.3
Helicase Human SH2611 SH2621 SH2631 inquire 133 909 6.8
Ion Channel Human SH1011 SH1021 SH1031 inquire 278 1456 5.2
JAK-STAT Pathway Human SH2711 SH2721 SH2731 inquire 190 1309 6.9
Kinases, complete Human SH0111 SH0121 SH0131 inquire 746 9418 12.6
Nuclear Hormone Receptors Human SH1111 SH1121 SH1131 inquire 216 1448 6.7
p53 Pathway Human SH2411 SH2421 SH2431 inquire 240 1865 7.8
Phosphatases Human SH0411 SH0421 SH0431 inquire 317 2065 6.5
T-Cell Activation Human SH2811 SH2821 SH2831 inquire 241 1469 6.1
Tumor Supressors Human SH0511 SH0521 SH0531 inquire 73 575 7.9
Tyrosine Kinases Human inquire inquire inquire inquire 133 1728 13.0
Ubiquitin Ligases (E1, E2, E3) Human SH2111 SH2121 SH2131 inquire 341 2081 6.1
Kinases, complete Mouse SM0111 SM0121 SM0131 inquire 598 3916 6.5
Phosphatase Mouse SM0411 SM0421 SM0431 inquire 286 1734 6.1
Tyrosine Kinase Mouse SM2011 SM2021 SM2031 inquire 130 850 6.5

*The MISSION production and bio-informatics team constantly reviews and quality controls clones available for a gene family set. These numbers are very close to the actual number that will be shipped, but each researcher will receive a final plate map indicating the location and exact TRCN clone numbers.

Additional resources for ion channels research.

If your gene set of interest is not available, please inquire for custom preparation at We can assemble custom gene sets at any time.

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