MISSION® In Vivo Quality siRNA Requirements

  • HPLC (≥90% pure):
    • This ensures ≥90% full-length product.

  • Removal of residual salts:
    • Depending on the scale, ethanol precipitation or ultra-filtration methods are performed.

  • Sterile filtration:
    • This minimizes bacteria, molds, and other contaminants.

  • Endotoxin tested:
    • Endotoxin testing (LAL) detects LPS, a constituent molecule found in the outer membrane of gram negative bacteria.
    • LPS must be below an acceptable threshold or the host will die from toxic shock as initiated by an immune cascade.

MISSION® iScale Oligos™ siRNA Requirements

MISSION® iScale Oligos™ siRNA is also available in standard desalt purification or HPLC purification so that researchers may order larger quantities of siRNA for other areas of research besides in vivo work.

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