Analysis FAQs

I am seeing off-target effects. How can I minimize these?
It can sometimes be difficult to obtain high quality data from RNAi screens because of off-target differential gene expression. There are many schools of thought regarding this topic, however, there does not appear to be a clear answer. Sigma offers MISSION esiRNA for knockdown experiments. This product provides highly effective knockdown while reducing off-target effects. esiRNA achieves this through highly specific design and lower effective/working concentrations.
What is a typical off-target effect of modified vs. unmodified siRNA percent?
Since siRNA has the ability to recognize and bind to the 3’ UTR in genes, it has the potential to behave similarly to microRNA and can result in unintended off-target silencing.
On average, 1/3 of mammalian mRNAs are targets of one or more microRNA; therefore, if siRNA enters the microRNA pathway, this may elicit hundreds of off-target silencing effects.