Positive Control siRNA

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MISSION® Positive Control siRNA serve as an ideal complement to any gene silencing experiment. Positive controls are validated siRNA known to achieve high levels (>70%) of knockdown. A positive control should be used to optimize transfection, and if it fails to produce the expected phenotype, adjustments to experimental conditions are likely necessary.

 Product Benefits

  • Best-in-class, guaranteed gene silencing
  • Knockdown efficiencies validated to be ≥75%
  • Designed with the Rosetta algorithm*

*The proprietary Rosetta Inpharmatics siRNA Design algorithm is licensed in an exclusive partnership with Merck & Co. The Rosetta siRNA Design Algorithm utilizes Position-Specific Scoring Matrices and knowledge of the seed region to predict the most specific and effective sequences for your target genes. The algorithm’s rules were developed utilizing empirical data collected from gene silencing experiments carried out over three years.

 Product Features

  • Species: Human & Rat
  • Quantities: 2 (10 nmol), 5 (25 nmol) & 10 (50 nmol) OD
  • Purification: Desalt or HPLC
  • Sequence Form: 21mer duplexes with dTdT overhangs
  • Modifications: None (natural RNA bases only)
  • Quality Control: 100% mass spectrometry*
  • Format: Supplied dry in tubes

*Depending on manufacturing site, PAGE may be used to assess siRNA duplexes


Available Positive Control siRNA

Gene Species  
GAPDH Human & Rat
MAPK1 Human & Rat
KIF11 Human
LMNA Human & Rat
PPIB Human & Rat
TP53 Human & Rat


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