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The pACD4 TargeTron Non-Selection Vector Set (TV0010) is a set of four linearized vectors intended for use with the TargeTron Gene Knockout System (TA0100) when the use of a selectable marker is not desired. Each vector in the pACD4 vector set is similar to the pACD4K-C TargeTron vector with the main difference being they do not have a kanamycin RAM marker to select for chromosomal insertion. The pACD4 vector set also differs from the pACD4K-C TargeTron vector in that each vector in this set contains either an A, C, G or T base in the δ+1 position. This base variation facilitates proper base pairing of group II intron precursor RNA for different target site designs resulting in more efficient precursor RNA splicing to form active TargeTron RNPs.1

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TargeTron Vector


  1. Perutka, J. et al., J. Biol. Biol., 336 (2), 421-439 (2004)


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TargeTron® Vector pACD4K-C-loxP Vector Map

Feature Position
p15A ori 585-1497
T7 promoter 1741-1762
5' exon (IBS) 1802-1826
Intron RNA 1827-2741
EBS2 (exon binding sequence 2) 2049-2053
EBS1d 2102-2111
delta +1 position 2742
3' exon 2742-2751
LtrA ORF 2988-4787
T1/T2 transcriptional terminator 4920-5190
chloramphenicol (Cm) resistance 5861-219

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TargeTron® Non-Selection Data

M=Marker, 50-2000 bp

1=bcr intron (204 bp)

2=lax Z intron (266 bp)

3=yec E intron (318 bp)

4=lac Z intron (266 bp)

Two genes, bcr and lacZ, were sequentially knocked out with vector pACD4-C (no RAM selection) in E. coli BL21 (DE3). In a second experiment, yecE and lacZ were sequentially knocked out using vector pACD4-C (no RAM selection) in E. coli BL 21(DE3). To confirm insertions, colony PCR was performed using an intron specific primer and a gene specific primer that spanned the 3' intron-gene junctions.

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