Custom Premixing Immune Biomarker and Cytokine Multiplex Kits for MILLIPLEX® using Luminex® xMAP® Technology

Are you tired of mixing together multiple beads to run kits? For your convenience, we offer a bead premixing service for select MILLIPLEX® kits.

The custom premix option offers:

  • Easy online ordering (just select the “Custom Premixing” option when building your MILLIPLEX® kit online)
  • Any number of kits
  • Any number of analytes within a specific customizable panel (see table below)
  • Time saved in your lab — we mix the beads for you so you can get right to your experiment
  • Delivery time: up to an additional 10 days

Custom premix kits will contain premixed beads (no individual bead bottles). These kits may not include bead diluent, as this material is consumed during the custom premixing process.

For our full portfolio offering, download our Analyte Quarterly brochure.

Cytokine, Chemokine, and Other Immune Biomarker MILLIPLEX® Kits Available for Custom Premixing*


Description Cat. No.
Human Cytokine/Chemokine Panel 1 HCYTOMAG-60K
Human Cytokine/Chemokine Panel 2 HCYP2MAG-62K
Human Cytokine/Chemokine Panel 4 HCYP4MAG-64K
Human High Sensitivity T Cell Panel HSTCMAG-28SK
Human CD8+ T Cell Panel PRCYTOMAG-40K
Non-Human Primate Cytokine/Chemokine Panel 2 PRCYT2MAG40K
Mouse Cytokine/Chemokine Panel 1 MCYTOMAG-70K
Mouse Cytokine/Chemokine Panel 2 MECY2MAG-73K
Mouse Soluble Cytokine Receptor Panel MSCRMAG-42K
Mouse Th17 Panel MTH17MAG-47K
Mouse CD8+ T Cell Panel MCD8MAG-48K
Rat Cytokine/Chemokine Panel RECYTMAG-65K
Canine Cytokine/Chemokine Panel CCYTOMAG-90K
Porcine Cytokine/Chemokine Panel PCYTMAG-23K
Bovine Cytokine/Chemokine Panel 1 BCYT1-33K
Equine Cytokine/Chemokine Panel EQCYTMAG-93K
Human Immunoglobulin Isotyping Panel HGAMMAG-301K
Mouse Immunoglobulin Isotyping Panel MGAMMAG-300K


*For all other MILLIPLEX® kit premixing inquiries, please contact a member of our Technical Support team.