Immunoassay Webinars

Rigorous. Reproducible. Reliable.

With recent technological advances pushing the limits of protein quantification in sensitivity and multiplex analyte detection, the Immunoassay Platform Specialist team at MilliporeSigma is committed to delivering the best possible immunoassays for your research needs. Whether you are examining single proteins with our tried-and-true ELISAs and RIAs, using our industry-leading MILLIPLEX® multiplex panels to broadly survey multiple analytes, or performing sub-picogram/mL biomarker analysis using the Single Molecule Counting (SMC™) ultrasensitive immunoassay platform, you can confidently expect reliable measurements, a simplified user experience, and knowledgeable scientific partners to help drive your biomarker project from hypothesis to publication.

We invite you to watch these mini-webinar series to explore the science of unique end-users.

Belysa™: A Technical Seminar
Belysa™ software is designed to aid the end-user to understand the integrity of the raw data generated from their experiment. Here, we present the importance of data hygiene and analysis in an everchanging regulatory environment.  

Belysa Webinar Q&A


Industry Guidelines: Assay Verification
Industry guidelines for multiplex assay utilization are rapidly changing. From prototype to fully verified assays, this seminar will walk the participants through a set of guidelines outlined in a recent publication by the AAPS in multiplex biomarker assay verification and how we meet those challenges.

SMC™: How Low Can You Go?
SMC™ Technology allows researchers to push the limit of biomarker quantification, in some cases achieving single femtomolar detection. Here, we will present an overview of the SMC™ Technology and provide a case study for custom assay development.

Immune responses associated with Losartan-TKI combination immunotherapy in dogs with metastatic osteosarcoma
Dr. Regan will present data regarding a novel immunotherapy in dogs with spontaneous metastatic osteosarcoma. This work led to clinical trials in pediatric and young adult humans with osteosarcoma.

Webinar Q&A

High throughput biomarker profiling for immuno-oncology research using MILLIPLEX assays at BMS
During Dr. Koenitzer’s time at BMS, she has focused on small molecule & biologics drug discovery in the immuno-oncology space. Dr.Koenitzer will present an overview of her current research in checkpoint inhibitors and immune suppression.

Webinar Q&A

Optimizing nutrition supplementation to alter muscle recovery time course
In active individuals, there is a great need to “optimize nutrition” to improve immune system functioning and muscle recovery. In this talk we will explore nutritional countermeasures to muscle damage that have strong scientific evidence supporting their efficacy.

Fingerprint-like Elucidation of Protein Higher Order Structure with PCA ELISA
Biologics Higher Order Structure (HOS) is important to its safety and efficacy but difficult to define. A novel technology is developed using antibody arrays to analyze monoclonal antibodies and other biologics HOS. The PCA application in the screening of drug target allosteric regulators will also be discussed with p53 and SHP2 as examples in anti-cancer drug development.

Single Molecule Counting (SMC™) for PK and ADA applications
This presentation will discuss how the SMC™ Technology has been used for PK/PD and ADA studies, and have enabled researchers to gain unprecedented insights into complex disease processes as well as accelerate drug development