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Early Access and New Product Validation Program

Sigma® is going to be testing a variety of exciting new kits, reagents and other products. If you would like to be considered for possible inclusion as a Validation Tester, please sign up. Once these programs begin, you will be contacted by a Sigma Representative with specific testing details.

Epigenetics: Our new line Imprint® products including ChIP kits, ChIP Antibodies, Imprint Bisulfite DNA modification kits.

Nucleic Acid Amplification: New qPCR kits and reagents, Whole Genome Amplification kits, Whole Transcriptome Amplification kits. 

Nucleic Acid Purification: Testing of our Extract-N-Amp kits and other nucleic acid purification products. 

Protein Assays: New products in the areas of protein arrays, mass spectrometry, protein expression and purification.

RNAi: New products in the area of RNAi, including Lentivirus, shRNA, siRNA, and miRNA.

Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine: New stem cell specific media, additives, and reagents to create and work with iPS cells.

Cell Biology: Testing of our antibodies in various applications such as IHC, ChIP and RIP.

Signal Transduction: Our new products in areas of Kinase and Phosphatase biology. 

Cells and Cell-based Assays: Testing of new genetically-modified cell lines and innovative cell-based assay products. 

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