BioFiles Volume 4, Number 8 — Metabolomics

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Amino Acid Metabolites as Biomarkers for the Differentiation of Diseased and Healthy Cells

Changes from healthy states of biological cells to pathogenic forms and conditions can be described in terms of important high molecular weight constituents of cells like nucleic acids, proteins, lipids, glycocompounds as well as in terms of small molecular weight compounds. The search for meaningful small molecules as biomarkers in urine or blood for diseases is highly attractive due to the established world-wide track record of metabolite analysis in routine clinical chemistry analysis. The focus thereby is however restricted to a small number of metabolites for which the corresponding rapid analytical methods have been highly automated.

The development of new methodologies in metabolomics research allowing now the simultaneous analysis of a large number of metabolites opens the way for the discovery of disease-related metabolites. This identification of biomarkers in biological samples is simplified by the availability of the corresponding metabolites in pure form, as demonstrated by the increasing number of correlations between changes in metabolism and diseases states, not only in metabolic diseases but also in certain cancers like e.g. the identification of sarcosine as a biomarker for the presence and progression of prostate cancer.

Metabolic profiling experiments have been of great use to researchers in the search for small molecular weight biomarkers of diseased cells, tissues or toxicity issues, but also for the assessment of the influence of a new drug candidate on metabolic processes and its metabolic stability.


Description Product No.
D-Citrulline, ≥99.0% (NT) 27505
Creatinine, anhydrous C4255
3,4-Dihydroxy-lphenylalanine D9628
Dopamine hydrochloride H8502
Kynurenic acid, ≥98% K3375
L-Kynurenine K8625
3-Nitro-l-tyrosine N7389
L-Pipecolic acid, 99% (titration) P2519
Sarcosine, SigmaUltra S7672

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