BioFiles Volume 5, Number 3 — Vaccine Adjuvants

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Jeremy Benedick

In the wake of the H1N1 flu virus outbreak, interest in vaccine research has reached an all-time high. Government, academic, and private sectors all are demonstrating heightened interest in developing effective vaccine formulations to prevent serious global epidemics and pandemics. Increased understanding of the immune system and immune response has lead to significant recent advances in vaccine development. This BioFiles examines a large and diverse group of products currently being used as vaccine adjuvants—substances that are capable of enhancing immune responses to antigens. Many newer vaccines deliver less immunogenic antigens, which makes adjuvant selection even more important.

In this issue we review vaccine adjuvant research and the characteristics necessary to make a successful adjuvant. We also look into the TLR signaling pathway and recent research in that emerging area. Dr. Barney S. Graham of the National Institutes of Health discusses new approaches to enhancing vaccine-induced immune responses through utilization of the Toll-like receptor family of pattern recognition molecules.

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