BioFiles Volume 7, Number 6 — Dietary Bioactives

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Chloe McClanahan

The face of healthcare is rapidly changing as the rise of the informed patient dramatically influences the way healthcare decisions are made, specifically those regarding diet and health. The informed patient is aware of their healthcare options and has access to foods and dietary supplements that can impact health and prevent or treat disease. The exploration of alternative medicine by Western populations likely stems from growing anxiety over drug recalls, regulatory safety nets, and corporate profitability. Therefore, it is an enticing approach to rely on food, herbs, and supplements as preventive aids and substitutes to pharmaceuticals.

The silver lining resulting from skepticism in the healthcare system is the transition from a passive patient to an empowered patient. The empowered patient no longer relies solely on directives from the medical profession but instead collaborates with medical professionals and takes control of their healthcare decisions related to functional food consumption, dietary supplements, and medicinal herbs. For example, the inadequate amount of labeling data to support health claims on foods and supplements has resulted in patient demand for evidence-based claims.

The spreading of the empowered patient movement, and its subsequent demand for evidence-based health claims on pharmaceutical alternatives, is energizing the researcher’s quest to understand the mechanisms and synergistic properties of bioactive constituents within food or medicinal herbs. Researchers in academia and industrial opportunists know the importance of applying this knowledge towards the development of novel nutraceuticals and functional foods.

Sigma® Life Science supports this quest for a deeper understanding of the interactions between dietary bioactives and cellular components, as well as the quest for development of functional foods by providing best-in-class products. Sigma’s products are proven assistants in uncovering the complex relationships between food, health, and disease. Our product offering is built on our corporate foundation of quality, service, and selection. Sigma accelerates your experimental research by providing:

  • A single source of reagents, biochemicals, and analysis tools
  • Convenient and easy online ordering
  • Worldwide availability

We provide a foundation of quality to ensure confidence in experimental results. Our portfolio of products is:

  • Cited in over 250,000 peer-reviewed articles
  • Analyzed on a lot-specific basis
  • Supplied with a Certificate of Analysis
  • Supported by worldwide Technical Service

This issue of Biofiles demonstrates our unrivaled product selection by bringing together extensive listings of plant-derived dietary bioactives, and functional food ingredients, notably nutrients that provide physiological benefit extending beyond normal nutritional value. As well as supplying high-purity biochemicals for in vivo and in vitro research applications, this issue highlights tools for facilitating nutrient analysis, including ISOTEC’s stable isotopically labeled nutrients and Fluka’s analytical standards.

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