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Biowire Fall 2010 — A Look into the Future of Gene Editing

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Social Space

Social Media and its place in science communications is a hotly debated topic. People on the social media side tout its usage as a way to simplify complex collaborative communications. Detractors say that social media is a bit of a time waster, and the value isn’t quite there for them.

Here at Sigma Life Science, we love web-enabled communications. Tools like Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube have allowed us to talk with our customers and other biologists in a way we never have before.

Biowire extended online
Interesting Blogs
"You know you've worked too long in a lab when..."
We bring our favorite social media tid bits to you

Biowire extended online!
In this issue of Biowire, we highlighted Dana Carroll of the University of Utah, one of the originators of the Zinc Finger Nuclease technology. His lab works in C. Elegans and Drosophila, and is constantly refining their use of ZFN technology.

Watch a video as Dr. Carroll describes his views on where the ZFN technology is today, and where it is headed in the future. Also learn from members of his lab as they talk through the ZFN projects that make up their day.

Interesting Blogs!
We'd like to let you know who we are reading. Weblogs can be a great way to see a new point of view, or to argue your point of view!

BayBlab – "Interesting news in science from a bunch of degenerate grad students"

A Blog around the Clock – Rockin' Around the Circadian Clock

Bitesize Bio – Brainfood for Biologists

"You know you've worked too long in a lab when..."
A Facebook group in which scientists have fun completing the sentence... You know you've worked too long in a lab when...

...when your scariest story deals with a walking ultracentrifuge that destroys walls and eats through thermocyclers.

...when you get more excited with a significant difference than with an invitation for dinner.

To find this and follow it, just go to and search "You know you've worked too long in a lab when...”

We bring our favorite social media tid bits to you
#scienceconfessions on Twitter. Scientists share their secret confessions (It's a great way to crack each other up!)

Social Media Quotes

To follow #scienceconfessions and more:
Go to and search for #scienceconfessions

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