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Technical Webinar – Late Stage Functionalization of Drug-Like Molecules

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Dr. Tim Cernak
Dr. Tim Cernak received his PhD from McGill University and was a postdoctoral researcherat Columbia University before joining Merck Research Labs, Rahway, in 2009. As part of the Rahway Discovery Chemistry team, Tim pursued novel treatments for diabetes and hypertension. Tim is interested in technology enablement with a focus on applications of catalysis, parallel synthesis, and C-H activation in medicinal chemistry. In 2014, Tim joined Merck Boston where he is an Associate Principal Scientist with the Automation and Capabilities Enhancement group. Tim is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board for the National Science Foundation Center in Selective C-H Functionalization.



C-H functionalization is a powerful addition to the toolbox of the medicinal chemist. Modern C-H functionalization techniques hold the potential to enable the rapid exploration of structure activity relationships (SAR), the generation of oxidized metabolites, the blocking of metabolic hot spots and the preparation of biological probes. This presentation will describe a variety of high-value C-H functionalization chemistries, developed in house and in collaboration with academic groups, and give examples of how these technologies have been deployed successfully to impact drug discovery programs.

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