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Life Science Presents a Technical Webinar –
Pooled CRISPR Screening for Functional Genomics

Webinar Title: Pooled CRISPR Screening for Functional Genomics

You can watch the recorded version of the webinar by clicking the button above.

 What Does it Cover?

This 30 minute webinar will describe the design and application of pooled CRISPR libraries. Our technology expert will discuss unique features of CRISPR pooled libraries with special attention to CRISPR design and cell culture needs.

 What Will You Learn?

Topics will include:

  • Introduction to CRISPR pooled screening concepts.
  • Suggestions for preparatory experiments to help ensure successful screening.
  • Practical considerations for appropriate scaling of cell culture experiments
  • Lentiviral vector formats for delivering CRISPR components
  • Cell enrichment via antibiotic and FACS methods.
  • Counting sgRNA changes to discover new biology: statistical considerations for quantification via deep sequencing.
  • Comparison of CRISPR options for pooled genome editing and pooled transcriptional regulation.


Speaker Bio
Dr. Gregory D. Davis
R&D Manager, Molecular Biotechnology
St. Louis, Missouri
Greg graduated from the University of Texas, Austin with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering in 1993 and from the University of Oklahoma with a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering in 1998. From 1998 to 2003, Greg worked at Clontech Laboratories (Mountain View, California) developing technologies for directed protein evolution and high throughput cloning. His technology development efforts (2004-present) have focused on targeted genome editing in bacteria via RNA-guided group II introns1, and mammalian cells and animals via zinc finger nucleases2,3. His recent genome editing research has focused on single-stranded donor DNA formats4 and CRISPR/Cas-based genome editing5-6.

You can watch the recorded version of the webinar by clicking the button above.

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